Reiki is a form of energy healing that supports our body’s natural ability to heal itself by encouraging the body to relax, creating space for balance and restoration. By moving and improving the flow of energy through the body, Reiki supports physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing.


Tarot and Oracle Cards are an exceptional tool for guidance, clarity and healing. Our life path has a variety of twists and turns, dips and mountains and more than a few crossroads. Card readings offer a moment to step back, take a look at the map and help guide you as you move forward. There is a great deal of comfort and healing that comes through readings, we are able to dig in to challenges and blocks and shed some light into the darkness.


Retreats are a great way to work with a group of like-minded individuals to inspire and support each other as you move forward on your journey of growth and healing. I look forward to working with you to create a retreat for your group or to welcoming you to one of my Phoenix Moon Rising retreats.

Reiki Services

Reiki sessions with me run about an hour and are broken into three parts. We will discuss your current state and what your intention is for each session. Each Reiki session is different and unique to the individual on the table. At the end of the session, we will review your experience, energetic findings, and guidance for after the session. I like all of my clients to have a “take away”.

  • 1 Hour Reiki Session: $80

“I was feeling scattered and stressed, primarily about work. I had been in transition, feeling overwhelmed and stuck. I learned to trust myself and pay attention to intuition. I am better able to shift my focus on what is more important, and to let go of what is less important in my life. Working with Patti has helped me to embrace transition and allow myself to mindfully walk through.”

– Terry

Tarot Reading

My Tarot readings focus on guidance and clarity for healing and personal growth. We can look at a current situation you may be struggling with, or a decision you would like some clarity on. General inquiries about how you can best focus your energy at this time are also very helpful to cut through the fog of day to day life. If you have questions, we can find guidance and clarity in the cards.

  • 1/2 Hour Tarot Reading: $45
  • 1 Hour Tarot Reading: $80

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