New Moon in Aquarius ♒️

The new moon will be in Aquarius on Friday at 4:42pm EST – Happy Lunar New Year!!

We are all still reeling from the eclipse and the Saturn and Pluto conjunction – these energies will be with us for a while, it’s certainly not a one and done thing. Remember, this energy is all about reconfiguring your structure, disassembling down to the foundations and then building your life from the inside out. It’s so much more than “releasing what no longer serves you”, it’s choosing to set it down and not take it with you. Literally leave it behind in the rubble of your old story.

If you were to build yourself a brand new house – would you bring with you that old area rug or the tatty curtains from the linen closet that you just haven’t been able to get yourself to throw away (and not even Salvation Army wants them)? NO – you’re going to fill the new house with things that match and align with the space and with who you are now. That is what we’re doing here – we are upgrading our lives from the inside out.

With any renovation project comes some intense feelings and high anxiety. This is also going to be felt – some of us felt it throughout December, some of us are feeling it now. Stay the course, trust that you know what’s best for your life moving forward. And trust that this feeling will not last forever.

I was speaking with a friend about this last week, and we decided we like the idea of relinquishing control so that we can take control. What this means is letting go of trying to control the outcomes, so that we can reclaim our inner world and open to possibilities that we can’t even imagine.

New Moon Aquarius 2020

The Queen of Wands for the New Moon in Aquarius is exactly that. She is your personal power, your passion, your inner flame, reclaiming your life!! This is proactive energy – no more reacting to external circumstances. Shift your inner world and live in service to your flame and the external circumstances will adjust around that. You are your own Sun – you are the center of your universe; the rest of your universe revolves around you. What is it you are choosing to pull into your gravitational field? Is what is orbiting around you feeding your flame, or draining it?

The Sun in this position is asking us those very questions. Is it so difficult for us to understand and accept that the possibilities are beyond our imagining? Why do we resist real joy? “I’ll be happy when…” is an excuse for not taking responsibility for your joy right now. Happiness is inside you in this moment, if you choose to accept that it does not rely on your external circumstances or relationships. Something else to consider is – are your obligations real or imagined? Are they obligations you placed on yourself? Do you bury yourself in a sense of obligation to others in order to feel that you have value, that you are needed? Do you wear them as a status symbol?

The King of Cups wants us to seriously consider this idea of feeling obligated to something or someone. This can be things (like those old curtains that great-great-grandmama made, hand sewn from her wedding dress), or people or situations. Are you desperately wanting to leave your job, but you feel a sense of obligation because you’ve been there for decades and they just created a new position for you (that only you can do)? Are these obligations real? Or are they responsibilities you are placing on yourself? Explore these questions and note how your body reacts. Note if your egoic mind jumps in with immediate resistance – “of course these obligations are real!”… Are they?

Really sit with these questions. Allow yourself to be uncomfortable with this line of exploration and inquiry.

Be compassionate and gentle but firm with yourselves friends. This is not the time to continue to avoid things or sweep them under the rug. The cosmos are taking the rug away and bringing out everything that’s been collecting under there. It’s time to call yourself to the carpet. It will be uncomfortable for a while, it might even hurt a bit – but this growth is coming whether you accept it or not. It’s so much less painful to work with it instead of resisting it.

Many blessings for this opportunity to grow, my friends.

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