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Hello Friends,

I have been taking an extended break from the website and my social media scene, and it has been a lovely break for me. Now, it is my great pleasure to return with some exciting news!! I have spent my isolation time during the COVID-19 pandemic stepping back and going inward to really listen to what my heart has been calling me to do. 

Here is what I discovered. My heart is calling me to a new adventure, one that has been in the sidelines for over a year and won’t be sidelined any longer.

In addition, I have done some serious and brutally honest listening and observing of myself and my business in the wake of the most recent rise of protests calling for social justice and an end to systemic racism. You can read more about my journey on that subject here.

I have dismantled my business and evaluated each piece, and am rebuilding from a stronger, more informed, foundation. I am filling it with more meaning and intention. Each foundational, structural, and interior piece has been chosen and put in place with intention.

It is with this care and thoughtful approach that I have reimagined Phoenix Moon Energy, my practice in Tarot and Reiki, and am launching a third initiative called Phoenix Moon Rising.

Phoenix Moon Rising is my series of retreats to work with groups of people who are ready for change and transformation – but may not be sure of where to start or how to go about it. Folks who are looking to gather their courage and challenge their fears, step into their vulnerability, and strive to rediscover their inner voice and light. Phoenix Moon Rising retreats are designed to help people navigate through transformation and co-create a life that is better and more fulfilling than they could have imagined.

I am beyond excited for what Phoenix Moon Rising holds for all of us moving forward. Now, let’s address the fact that I am launching a new initiative in RETREATS during a global pandemic when travel and social gathering is completely ill-advised. Yes – my retreats will be online for 2020. I am still seeing clients virtually for 1-on-1 Tarot and Reiki sessions, and I don’t see that changing very soon. As I plan retreats for 2021, they will be planned to reflect the state of travel both locally and globally. When it is safe to travel, retreats will take place in destinations across the globe – bringing in adventure travel and experiential growth to the work being done during our time together in retreat. Travel allows us to learn from each other in a more intimate and open way, and to learn from the communities we are visiting and the experiences we gain when immersing ourselves in a new culture. 

How are these retreats contributing to the communities that we visit? This has been one of my favorite things about building Phoenix Moon Rising with such care and intention. It is my intention to make sure that each retreat contributes to the community as much as possible. 

What that means is, I will do my absolute best to:

  • Make sure we book lodging and venue with a locally owned business. 
  • We prepare and order meals from locally owned restaurants and markets. 
  • We bring in local community members to guide and share with us their society and culture. 
  • A percentage of gross income (right off the top, before expenses) from each retreat goes toward a charity or program that directly helps the community in which we are staying. So that means a percentage of the fee that you pay to attend a retreat directly supports the local community. 

I love to travel, I love to solo travel and I love to tour. I love learning about efforts and changes other countries and communities are making toward healthy living and environmental sustainability. Everything I love about travel will be poured into the experiential parts of these destination retreats.

So that is Phoenix Moon Rising in a small but mighty nutshell. I can’t wait to get started!

In my re-imagining of Phoenix Moon Energy, I re-visited and re-worked my mission and values. I am really pleased with the result and it brings me so much joy to share them with you.

My Mission:

Phoenix Moon Energy is a business that lives as an expression of my passion for personal growth and connection. I firmly believe that we all have the capacity to live in alignment with our highest potential, to reclaim and step into our power, and to face our deepest shadows. It is my mission to help people to reconnect with their inner voice and explore these deeper parts of themselves with compassion and curiosity. I do this with one-on-one sessions in Tarot and Reiki, and with small group workshops and retreats where we can grow together and learn from what each of us brings to the table. 

My Values that inform how I live and work:

Growth – Explore who you are, right now in this moment. And in that exploration, remain open to what calls you in the next moment. Commit to growing and transforming from moment to moment. Even in moments of rest, there is still opportunity for growth.

Courage – I do my best to act with courage, and to do the next right thing. To make decisions with courage and grace, and to not let fear contribute a vote. It is not an easy path, but I do my best.

It takes courage to confront, and take responsibility for, the unseen parts of ourselves – the parts we tuck away and resist (and fear) acknowledging. This is includes not only our darkness, but also our light. We can be just as scared of success as we are of failure, maybe even more-so. Here is my belief – we can do hard things. When we can face hard things together, with courage, it won’t make them less hard – but you will be better equipped and supported when doing them. 

Umami – Does it have or contribute to an umami-filled life? So much of our spiritual journey is connecting dots and understandings. One question I try to ask myself is – where is the depth, is this only touching the surface or is it an empty commitment? Or is there true depth and fulfillment in it? Umami refers to the savory taste in foods, it is the broth that brings all of the ingredients together. It connects the salty with the sweet with the sour with the bitter. Without umami, our lives are a series of unconnected dots, a life lived on the surface. An umami-filled life is not salty or sweet – it is a full spectrum of taste, of connected dots.

Love – Living a life with love, acting from a place of love, is the core of living a happy life. It is where we find gratitude, compassion, empathy and grace. If we allow ourselves to look at every situation and person from a perspective of love and gratitude, our whole world will shift.

Adventure – Life offers adventure in every moment. Adventure is a mindset. An openness and excitement to learn and experience something new. Embracing adventure means embracing change, change without expectations of what the experience looks like. Embrace adventure, embrace new experiences, new beliefs, new perspectives. If we approach change with a sense of adventure, as opposed to fear or need to control, we will have a whole different relationship with change.

I feel so incredibly blessed to be making headway on my path, to have such support and amazing people around me. I am intensely grateful for the people I will have the honor to meet and work with in the coming years. And I am intimidated by this journey, but in the best way. I look forward to the experience, to continuing to challenge myself, and to challenge my fears. 

Many many blessings, my friends.

? Patti

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  1. I’m so excited for what is yet to come from Phoenix Moon. You are such a gifted practitioner. I can’t wait to participate in your retreats and see where they take us!

  2. This is amazing, and such a thoughtful and productive way to spend the pandemic. Finding a way for people to find themselves when travel becomes possible again. When safe travel is available, there will be a lot of people who will be emotionally exhausted from the quarantine, this is such a fantastic way to help people recharge in the aftermath. ?

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