New Moon in Scorpio ♏️

New Moon Scorpio 2019

The New Moon in Scorpio arrives at 11:38pm on Sunday evening. Scorpio season is one of my favorites. I enjoy the introspective and empowering energy of this sign.

I asked how we can best flow with the energy of the New Moon in Scorpio, thinking about how fall is a time of letting go like leaves falling from trees. This is a time of transition for so many – huge changes happening all around. The cards that came up speak about perspective.


As we prepare for the change in season and in our lives, it is important to acknowledge how our perspective affects how we go about this transition into our new normal. So often we focus on what we need to leave behind or what we can’t have or what we need to cut out. How often do you think of your daily food diet in terms of needing to cut the sugar or the carbs or the fat and then lament the things you can’t eat?

These cards are asking you to flip to see the other side of the same coin – you get to eat more of your favorite fruits and vegetables, whole foods, fresh produce and get excited about new recipes and how you feel when you support your body with truly good food. I already feel so many people resisting this analogy – that’s ok. That’s part of this too – when you find yourself resistant to trying a more positive perspective, be honest and call yourself out. Scorpio is sooooo good for this kind of work. Call yourself to the carpet and look at how you are sabotaging your choices.

I’m going to keep this food analogy. I’ve been using the idea of the baggage we carry around a lot with my clients lately (it’s a common theme). I want to be clear – this does not just relate to food or physical/mental clutter or emotional burdens we continue to bear. This relates to any part of your life where you feel stuck because you are habitually resistant to changing your perspective – and that creates resistance to change.

Choosing (Honest) Joy

The Six of Cups reminds me of Marie Kondo’s method of tidying up – you enter into it with the perspective of letting go of everything. And as you go through things, you select what to keep by asking yourself if it brings you joy. And there is room in there for the necessities like tax documents and important paperwork – but there’s no space for feeling guilty about donating that ugly Christmas sweater you haven’t worn since that one time… yeah you remember that time. It fulfilled it’s purpose, you can let it go.

Looking at our food analogy – we can get into a serious debate about food and joy. Sure, eating an ice cream cone absolutely brings me joy – for about five minutes while I’m eating it. But if I’m looking for a snack because I’m hungry, I am more apt to go for an apple. Why? Because I know that I will still be hungry after the ice cream, and I know I don’t do well with processed sugar. If I go for an apple, I will be satisfied longer, I will just plain feel better physically and mentally about my choice. Does this mean I never eat ice cream? No way, I love ice cream! But it’s limited to when the joy of it outweighs the negative effects and I can really truly appreciate the treat. I make my choice based on what will honestly bring me joy in my body, mind, and spirit.

The Five of Swords supports this choice because it is asking you to stop living for “should”. If I choose the apple because I “should”, it’s not nearly as appealing, satisfying or even tasty. And I will absolutely pine for the ice cream if I tell myself that I shouldn’t have it. However, choosing the apple based on my previous assessment of joy definitely shifts the perspective to a much happier scenario.

The Strength Card is my favorite card in the Tarot. This woman exudes authenticity. She has tamed the lion, not by force, but by staying true to herself with gentleness and compassion. Having had the brutally honest ice cream vs. apple conversation, she has honored herself in her choice. It is a daily practice to assess your perspective and make the conscious choice to choose the joyful approach. This is how we can stop the cycle of shaping our square selves into the round peg we perceive the world expects us to be. Scorpio season and this new moon in Scorpio encourages us to challenge our daily thought patterns, our limiting beliefs, and begin the process of shifting our perspective. It’s incredibly rewarding to look back and see how baggage we have been carrying around for years, decades, our whole lives, just dissipates when we begin living for our joy instead of complaining about our restrictions.

It is then that we are creating our lives filled with joy. Happiness is not a destination we can search for, or find – it is a state of being that we create in every moment.

Many blessings for this New Moon in Scorpio! If you have questions or would like to set up a reading, you can email me here.

✨? Patti ?✨