New Moon in Sagittarius ♐️

The New Moon was yesterday, November 26th, in Sagittarius. For this new moon I asked the cards what we need to focus on to best utilize the energies of this new moon. I received The Devil, the Five of Pentacles, and The Magician.

The Devil, 5 of Pentacles, Magician
The Devil, The Five of Pentacles, The Magician

Many of my clients dislike getting The Devil – though I find it to be one of my favorite cards. It speaks of truth and shadow work, of taking a deep and honest look into your heart. Focus on your true heart centered desires, and notice how you are holding yourself back. How are you placing the chains around your own neck? As you look inward, be aware of egoic intentions. Desires driven by fear are not in your highest interest. Fear can cause serious limitations in manifesting abundance. To release the fear you need to acknowledge that it is there. Fear of success. Fear of abundance. Fear of facing your truth. Once you clear that fear, anything is possible. 

The universe offers infinite abundance. You need only ask and you are given the tools to manifest your dreams. The key is – you have to ask, and then you need to take up the tools you are given and build your world. Our individual world is created from the inside out. You can see the two figures in the Five of Pentacles are moving forward on a journey, despite the appearance of a difficult situation. Paulo Coelho says in his book Aleph, “Travel is never a matter of money but of courage”. I believe the same can be said for growth – it is never a matter of the right time or purchasing the right materials, it’s about courage to do the work.

The Magician says you already have the tools you need, listen to your heart, it will guide you.

New moon in Sagittarius is a manifesting moon. What world will you build for yourself?

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✨? Patti ?✨