Reflections on 2019

As 2019 draws to a close, I find myself reflecting on the past year – as many of us do at this time. I have grown so much and so quickly in the past year, I don’t even recognize who I was three months ago, much less last January. I went back into my journals to remind myself of where I was on my journey at this time last year.

What I found in my journals was surprising in many ways. I was operating at a completely different vibration – I felt myself physically reacting to what I was reading. My chest tightened up and I recognized that I was empathically taking on the energy of who I was a year ago – and it was much like taking on another person’s energy. I recognized that this energy actually was someone else’s, in that I am no longer that person who wrote these entries into a journal. It wasn’t “negative energy” as we often think of it, it was simply a very different vibration than where I live now.

I was not writing horrible things or going through terrible drama. In fact, some of the things were very exciting at the time! I was just figuring it out, as we do when we journal about things. I was working it out on paper. As I read the questions I was asking – I recognized that they were often asked out of fear. I was so afraid of doing it wrong (by “it”, I mean life, my journey, following my path). I was afraid of missing my shot at happiness. I was afraid of being stuck in a routine that limited my growth and held me back from fulfilling my purpose. Most of all, I was afraid I wasn’t doing enough to prepare for what The Universe has in store for me in this lifetime.

With all of the inquiry and exploration, I grew and expanded and transitioned into a new, higher, more open and compassionate vibration. What I needed, and what I did, was love. I needed to love myself enough to trust that I was (and still am) moving at exactly the right pace. I needed to love myself enough to trust that my intuition and heart know what’s best for me. I needed to love myself enough to trust that everything is unfolding in divine timing and that timing is impeccable. I needed to love myself enough to trust that growth never comes from comfort – and I needed to love myself even when it’s uncomfortable.

This is not an overnight understanding. I worked through this one day at a time, one step at a time. I have noticed that as the next right step is revealed to me, it’s not neon signs and fireworks – it actually feels very normal and… right. It just feels right. 

I followed that feeling to leave my full-time job and focus on my work as a healer. I followed that feeling to put myself out there and had the great honor to officiate my sister’s wedding. I followed that feeling to move to a new house and nicer living situation. I followed that feeling to explore Scotland on my own. I followed that feeling to understand when it was my 20-year-old kitty’s time to leave this world. I followed that feeling to take a road trip to be with friends on their life-changing journey from Chicago to Portland, Oregon. I followed that feeling when presented with an opportunity to purchase a new-to-me vehicle (the exact make and model that I have wanted for several years). Very little of this made logical or financial sense – but it felt right and following that feeling has never steered me wrong.

I did not spend 2019 skipping along through major life changes with ease – it was work. My clients will confirm that this sort of ascension is work. A lot of work. And grief. With each change, the old me died so a new me could be reborn. I grieved the loss of friendships, the loss of my fur baby, the loss of the false sense of security that routine brings. And I would do it all again, and I wouldn’t change a thing. Because what was greater than the grief and loss was the love. The expansion. The growth that feels… right. 

I am grateful for 2019. I am grateful for everything that happened, the joy and the sorrow. The fear and the love. I am grateful for my family, my amazing friends, the incredible healers that I work with, my spirit guides, my angels, and The Universe. I am so incredibly grateful for this life, what it has become, and what it will be in 2020.

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Many blessings for the new year.

✨? Patti ?✨